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Merger and Acquisition Advisors in Minneapolis

Meet our dedicated team of merger and acquisition advisors. Whether you are thinking of buying or selling a company, Sunbelt Business Advisors will confidentially guide you through the process.

Scott Evert | President, M & A Advisor

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phone: 651-484-2677


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Chris Jones - StoneArch Business Advisors

Chris Jones | M & A Advisor

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phone: 651-288-1624


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Domenic Rinaldi| CBI | Managing Director

Chicago, Illinois

Phone: 773-243-1603


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Ed Krajcir | M & A Advisor

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Phone: 262-901-0086


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Peggy DeMuse | Industry expert for Business Services, Technology Service, Printing and Marketing Services

Phone: 651-288-1627


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Dan Mulvaney | M & A Advisor

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phone: 651-288-1632


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Leonard Washko | Senior Analyst

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phone: 612-238-1287


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Jim Borthwick | M & A Advisor

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phone: 612-238-1465


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Dan Arcand | Manufacturing Industry Expert / Advisor

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phone: 651-288-1620


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Scott Hagel| General Counsel

Saint Paul, MN

Phone: 651-288-1630


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Dave Maiser | Industry Expert

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Christine Topp | Marketing & Research Analyst

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Ted Takasaki – Industry Expert for Outdoor Products

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Thomas Koehn

Thomas Koehn | M&A Analyst

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phone: 612-843-0083


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