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"Value Driviers" Creating Value for Your Business

July 20, 2012 at 8:45 AM

Have you ever wondered why one business has buyers lined up willing to pay top dollar while another sits on the market for months or even years? What do buyers look for in a prospective business acquisition? They look for characteristics of a business that either reduce the risk associated with owning the business or enhance the prospect that the business will experience future growth.   The characteristics are called “Value Drivers” the most critical of which are:


The Existence of…

  • a stable and motivated management team
  • operating systems in place to sustain and support future growth of  pre-tax earnings
  • a solid and diversified customer base
  • effective financial controls
  • a realistic growth strategy
  • good and improving cash flows


As a business owner, your number one job to create value within your business. As M&A advisors, it is our responsibility to maximize that value when you sell it.  So, if you are thinking of selling your business in the near future, we should talk. At the very least we can give you our unbiased opinion of the value of your business today, based on our analysis of the absence or presence of the Value Drivers listed above.


This complimentary review does not obligate you in any way, but, it will help you determine whether the current value of your business will support your retirement needs, or whether more work needs to be done to get you there.


If you would like to arrange a time to talk, please call or fill out our contact form. Of course, it goes without saying,  anything you tell us about your company will be held in strict confidence.

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