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Why Sunbelt Business Advisors? Why Now? What our new Brand Means

August 23, 2012 at 8:24 AM

Sunbelt Business Advisors may be a new name in Mergers & Acquisitions for business with sales over $5 million – but the name is the only thing that’s new.   The Sunbelt Business Advisors name reflects a “re-branding” of the existing Sunbelt M&A Group, a team of experienced specialists who are actively assisting middle market business owners with the sale of their business.

If the Sunbelt M&A Group is already taking middle market businesses to market, why the new brand?

Because frankly, our presence is not well-known enough:  mainly because we’ve been living in the substantial shadow of Sunbelt – the largest Main Street business brokerage in the world.  With Sunbelt the recognized top brand for small business sales, too often we’ve heard the question: don’t you folks specialize in small business?

We do. But we also have a business unit of professionals who work exclusive with larger businesses, and we are successfully closing M&A transactions with middle market companies. 

With the Sunbelt Business Advisors brand, we are sending a strong message to the marketplace that the power of Sunbelt backs up a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to the middle market space – who know the market for larger businesses and who work tenaciously to find the right buyer for our clients.  Sunbelt Business Advisors is a team with many years of experience guiding middle market business owners through the process of exit planning, preparation for sale, going to market and completing the transaction. 

Why now?

The launch of Sunbelt Business Advisors is a strategic move that is based on three powerful forces at work  today:

First, our clients have told us - Now is the Time. Many of the middle market business owners we know have said – the Great Recession disrupted my exit strategy. It made my business look bad, and it suppressed acquisition activity and prices – but now we’re back on track, and the market looks ready to buy good businesses that are growing again.  We agree.  M&A activity is picking up strongly, and credit is improving and companies are looking to grow through acquisition.

Second, there remains a gap between the corporate or investment group who is acquiring strategic target companies and many mid-sized companies available for acquisition. We fill an important gap in the M&A marketplace – identifying and reaching out confidentially to the most likely buyers for businesses that started on Main Street and are poised to become a growth vehicle for their next owner. Our homepage features a photo of the StoneArch Bridge that links downtown Minneapolis to the industrial north banks of the Mississippi River.  Here’s the point: Sunbelt Business Advisors is the bridge to business acquirers for the business owner whose time has come to go to market.

Third, in today’s world, it is a dauntingly large task to bring an acquisition candidate to the attention of the relevant potential buyers.  We bring the power of Sunbelt to the Middle market, global market reach and resources possessed by no other firm that works with companies with between $5 and $50 million in sales.  We have the experience, the people and the technology to contact the best possible group of potential buyers for each business we represent, and bring about the best price for our client.

Please take a look at our team of advisors and the testimonials of our work.  And take a moment to complete the request for information at the left so we can keep you up to date on the marketplace of the sale of mid-market companies.  

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