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Valuing A Company

Whether you are planning to sell your business now, or sometime in the future, it is important to know the value of your business in today’s market

Buying A Company

Acquiring a business is a full time job. Our Buyer Acquisition Service is designed for individuals or companies seeking a strategic business acquisition.

Selling A Company

When considering the most important business decision you will ever make - You need and deserve the best. Sunbelt Business Advisors can help you.

Sell-Side And Buy-Side Advisory Services

From The Firm That Sells More Privately Held Businesses Than Any Firm In The World

Acquiring, Selling & Merging. While you’ve been growing your successful company you’ve likely given these words little thought. This is where Sunbelt Business Advisors come in. If you’re seeking to sell a business, value a business or perhaps grow your business through acquisition our Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois specialists have the answers you need. Sunbelt's network is comprised of 200+ offices, allowing us to serve a broad range of areas across the country.

Valuation Services

Is selling your business a step you're interested in taking now or in the near future? If so, we at Sunbelt Business Advisors offer reliable and knowledgeable business valuation services. Understanding the fair value of your company and how to maximize your price when you sell your company is critical. After we've collected all necessary financial information related to your company, our advisors will provide you with an estimate of its market value.

Sales & Mergers

Regardless of your reasoning behind selling and/or merging your company, you likely have a lot of questions about the process, such as, "how much can I sell my business for?", or "how could business merger and acquisition companies benefit me?" The M&A Advisors at Sunbelt have completed over $1 BILLION in M&A transactions. We put our collective experience and hard-earned wisdom to work for you.